LITBK is accredited to testing of different characteristics of samples from soils.

The test results are presented in a Test Report.



Test method


Dry matter content

БДС EN 15934:2012, А

Water content

БДС EN 15934:2012, А

pH (H2O)

БДС EN 15933:2012

pH (CaCl2)

БДС EN 15933:2012

Specific electrical conductivity

СД CEN/TS 15937:2012

Total organic carbon content (ТОС)

БДС EN 15936:2012, т.10

Loss of ignition

БДС EN 15935:2012

Total nitrogen content

БДС EN 16168:2012


СД CEN/TS 16202:2013

Extractable forms of elements - Al, Sb, As, Ba, Be, Bi, B, V, Fe,

Hg, Cd,K/K2O, Ca/CaO, Co, Li, Mg/MgO, Mn, Cu, Mo,

Na, Ni,Pb, Se, Si, Ag, Sr, S, Tl, Ti, P/P2O5, Cr, Zn

БДС EN 16170:2016

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