The Laboratory for Testing of Solid Biofuels and Compost (LITBK) is part of Energy Agency of Plovdiv and was established in 2014. LITBK is constantly expanding its capabilities and scope of activity.



  • Promoting the management and utilization of biodegradable waste;
  • Support for expanding of solid biofuels market and the use of high-efficiency boilers;
  • Support for implementation of innovative technologies and practices for biomass and bio-waste utilization;
  • Research and testing activities in the field of biomass and biodegradable waste;
  • Disseminating research results of the laboratory in order to raise awareness among stakeholders.


 LITBK is comparable to the best international laboratoriesand provides the following services:

  • Sampling of solid biofuels, solid recovered fuels (SRF), soil improvers, biowaste, compost and sludge;
  • Testing of solid biofuels;
  • Testing of solid recovered fuels (SRF);
  • Testing of firelighters for barbecueing, barbecue charcoal and barbecue charcoal briquettes;
  • Testing of treated bio-waste (compost, fermentation product, organic fertilizer produced by composting and anaerobic digestion and stabilized organic fraction from MBT);
  • Testing of sludge;
  • Testing of soil;
  • Testing of waste;
  • Development of regional and municipal waste management programmes;
  • Morphological analysis of the composition of municipal solid waste;
  • Assessment of the resource and energy potential of biomass and biodegradable waste;
  • Assessment of biomass and biodegradable waste potential for biogas production;
  • Advice on technical equipment for biomass logistic centers;
  • Training and education;
  • Research, training and technical assistance for:

producers of solid biofuels from wood or agricultural waste biomass;

companies and organisations that utilise bio-waste for energy or products;

owners of biogas or compost installations;

producers of biomass boilers;

producers of biodegradable waste recovery facilities;

owner of forest and lands;

national and European institutions.


LITBK is accredited according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and holds a certificate of accreditation with registration № 192 LI/07.01.2020, valid until 07.01.2024 (see certificate here).


LITBK is the first specialized accredited laboratory for testing of solid biofuels, bio-waste and compost in Bulgaria. 


LITBK has new modern highly sensitive analytical equipment - production of leading companies for analytical, research and expert activities for testing solid biofuels; solid recovered fuels (RDF); treated bio-waste; sediments; soils and waste.


Energy agency of Plovdiv (Laboratory for Testing of Solid Biofuels and Compost) е has been approved by the European Biomass Association as a testing body for the ENplus® certification process for wood pellet producers and traders worldwide and the international wood chips certification scheme GoodChips®




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